Fun for kids in Stellenbosch

Posted on Tue December 18, 2012 in Family Fun in Stellenbosch.

The quaint town of Stellenbosch is renowned for its abundance of award-winning wine estates, gourmet food and an overarching splendour that is inherent within it. This makes it perfect for a family trip, but you can be assured that the kids are not just going to sit quietly and watch as you sample and savour wine and indulge on gourmet food.

Here are two engaging activities suggestions to which they will not be able to say no:

Monkey Town

It is the dream of every child to cradle a monkey in their arms. It is difficult to describe the allure that these extraordinary primates present. Monkey Town, one of the largest monkey sanctuaries, has 28 different species of exotic monkeys and apes that have been rejected. The reason for this is that if the mother is kept in isolation and gives birth, she does not understand the concept of nurturing the offspring. Children are also encouraged to bring fruit and vegetables with which they may feed the monkeys, making the experience more interactive and exciting

In addition to saving these animals, Monkey Town also offers programmes to educate children.
The “adopt a monkey” initiative is a selfless way in which you can enhance the wellbeing of these wonderful animals. For only a small amount of money per year, you can “adopt” a monkey and you will be able to come visit the monkey you have sponsored as often as you like – for free.

Le Bonheur Crocodile Farm

The famous crocodile farm gives children the opportunity to travel across bridges that hang over the dams that are home to over 1000 crocodiles. You will also get a chance to hold a baby crocodile – don’t be afraid; a guide will be there at all times to ensure complete safety.

Once your tour is over, the experience still continues: there is a licensed, self-service café from which you may indulge in delectable eats. You and your partner will be able to relax while enjoying the beauty of the sweeping vistas and not having to worry about the kids who are able to entertain themselves in one of the safe play areas on the farm.

After the day’s events, there is no doubt that everyone will be exhausted and wanting quality accommodation. There are many Stellenbosch guest houses that pride themselves on providing supreme comfort and friendly, quality service.

Stellenbosch is a family-friendly haven that will leave lasting memories for the entire family, which you will undoubtedly build upon when you return.