Market craze in Stellenbosch

Posted on Mon April 7, 2014.

Markets are all the craze in Stellenbosch and during the secret months of Stellenbosch (April and May), this may be a main attraction. The Slow markets, more popularly known as farmers markets in other parts of the world, are part of a global phenomenon which supports good, clean and fair foods. The trend is aimed at connecting the pleasures of good food with a commitment to local communities and the environment. Essentially providing socially responsible fine dining. The order of the day are mostly organic products that are farmed, produced, processed, packed and sold by the vendors. In terms of non-food products, all items are originally designed and crafted by the vendors. The markets have also been an important platform for microbusinesses to thrive, especially those based in the community.

The trend has been taking off all over the world, and Stellenbosch has followed suite. With the variety of Wine farms, as well as unique food and design, Stellenbosch markets have made it on the SA Venues list of things to do in Stellenbosch.

Where to go?

There are a few market destinations around the Stellenbosch area. However, the most distinguished are definitely the Slow Market at Oude Libertas and the Route 44 Market. Both markets offer a uniquely different experience and allow a variety of products, services and local talents to be showcased. These markets are sure to give you a sense of the Heart of Stellenbosch.

Slow Market:

All the craze in Stellenbosch started with the Slow Market in 2008. The Market is known widely as the slow food, slow wine and slow design market. With a variety of local farmers, grocers, artisan bakers, organic merchants, fine food purveyors, butchers, artisan crafts, local fashion, craft beers and estate wines – one cannot go wrong. The Market gives one a good sense of the gems locked in the surrounding communities in terms of fine dining as well as unique design. A true sense and part of the Stellenbosch experience is found at the Oude Libertas every Saturday from 09:00 till 15:00. Marquee tents cover all the stalls, providing an easy, comforting, home grown atmosphere regardless of the weather. The popularity of the market has allowed for it to host a variety of festivals. This year’s line-up includes the Eat Out Produce Awards 2014 which celebrates outstanding, independent South African producers for their integrity, passion and innovation. For more information on the events or the slow foods market visit:


Route 44 Market:

A rather new entry to the market atmosphere in Stellenbosch is the Route 44 Market found in between Stellenbosch and Somerset West. The Root44 market offers the best in local traders, as well as the best in local entertainment. Locked between the Audacia vineyards, this idyllic market is perfect for family days out. Protected by Marquee tents, the Route 44 market is suitable for rain or shine.

An addition to the market atmosphere is the weekly park run provided by the Rout 44 market. This is a part of the global park run initiative which hosts 5km timed park runs all around the world every Saturday. The run is safe, free and suitable for anyone (regardless of fitness levels). The Route 44 market also provides activities and workshops for adults and kiddies, to keep all busy and satisfied. The Route 44 market is open Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 till16:00. For more information about the Route 44 market, workshops or the park run initiative visit:


Both markets only a +/- 10 min drive from Bonne Esperance, the Markets are ideal afternoon activities for the whole family.