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Coffee Shop - Permanently Closed


Dear Stellenbosch and loyal supporters

We asked you to support us through the pandemic so we could keep our staff employed by opening a coffee shop. It was a wonderful, feel-good success story. A heartfelt thank you for every cup of coffee, piece of cake and breakfast that you enjoyed on our veranda. We loved every conversation and compliment about our beautiful historic villa and garden. We are thankful to report that things are returning to a new normal and have decided to close the coffee shop.

The last day will be on 25 February 2022, please come before then for a last cup of coffee and to say farewell. We will still be hosting functions and afternoon teas on request.

Hope to welcome your guests to our guest house soon!

Kind regards
Annemien, Michelle, Carmen, Citwa, Ivano, Warwick, Leanna, Calette, Janene, Minki, Babalwa, Nolo, Johnson and Nichol

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Bonne Esperance Guest House has been a part of the Stellenbosch landscape since 1907 and has played a major role in the lives of the owners and guests over the years. In the famous words of Winston Churchill:
"We shape our buildings and afterwards our buildings shape us." If only the walls could talk to share all
these stories!

Today it creates jobs for 15 people with 39 dependents. Bonne Esperance, translated from French, means
“GOOD HOPE”. Staying true to the essence of our name, we aim to build HOPE during these trying times. The pop-up coffee shop was opened to keep HOPE alive for our employees and their families and help
supplement their income. We set out to be a local #ProudlyStellenbosch destination.

Bonne Esperance wants to be the connection point for locals and visitors to our neighbourhood and our story. With the coffee shop, we aim to add HOPE to many more stories.

“May your choices reflect your hopes and not your fears” - Nelson Mandela.

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