Prep your guest house for Pinterest

Posted on Tue April 9, 2013.

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world and the perfect social tool for your guesthouse.

In essence, Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board that allows its users to curate a collection of images, quotes or videos from all over the internet and ‘pin’ them onto custom-made formats or ‘boards’. Whether you run a Stellenbosch guest house or a stylish hotel in Sandton, joining Pinterest is a fantastic way to attract new guests while defining and promoting your business’s aesthetic.

Pinterest works well for select industries; the hospitality industry is one such trade. As Pinterest is completely image-based, a guesthouse can use the image boards to communicate their brand identity and promote the accommodation options they offer. By creating board categories that showcase the guesthouse’s amenities, location and room options, a guesthouse can reach an untapped social media audience without having to pay a cent (Pinterest is free).

The first step in prepping your Stellenbosch guest house for Pinterest is to fill out a profile. When choosing images and wording, keep in mind that recent social media statistics revealed that 80% of Pinterest users are female. Make sure the ‘about you’ section is filled out completely and includes a link to your website, Facebook page or blog. This will draw traffic to your website and attract new customers.

One of the key mistakes that businesses make when running a Pinterest platform is creating boards completely dedicated to self-promotion. While it’s important to create boards that can showcase what makes your guesthouse special, Pinterest is all about making connections with like-minded people through imagery and shared resources. Define your audience and create a Pinterest account that speaks to them. Pick out websites, resources and ideas that you think your audience will be attracted to; whether it’s industry news, beautiful quotes or an upcoming event.

Pinterest is an incredibly effective way to reveal your brand personality to your audience. To show personality and innovation while remaining unique is such an important part of Pinterest. Find out who your audience is and target them in a way that is social, personable and true to your aesthetic – happy pinning!