Shopping at Lady Peculiar in Stellenbosch

Posted on Mon January 14, 2013.

The picturesque student town of Stellenbosch plays host to numerous quirky, charming little shops. One such shop is Lady Peculiar; a boutique started in 2006 by two young graduates. Aimed at providing a unique take on current trends with classic finishes, the store’s owners design all the jewellery themselves.

A visit to Stellenbosch would not be complete without a visit to Lady Peculiar. The merchandise stocked at the store covers all manner of trinkets, from rings to earrings, as well as bracelets and pendants. One wonderful service that the boutique offers is the designing of wedding rings, affording customers the opportunity to have something truly unique and memorable created for their special day.

Choosing Cape Winelands accommodation for your weekend away to Stellenbosch will allow for you to be based near little shops and boutiques much like Lady Peculiar. For those who enjoy jewels that aren’t mass produced and allow for one’s own uniqueness to shine through in what they wear and how they accessorise, Stellenbosch is the perfect backdrop for shopping and sourcing products to reflect your individuality.

A town as charismatic and pretty as Stellenbosch mirrors the characteristics of the shops and restaurants it boasts, that are situated amongst some of the most beautiful lands in the Cape. Each boutique is as exceptional as the town’s settings, adding to the fusion of old and new world glamour that makes Stellenbosch as renowned as it is. Both historical and modern, the town makes for a wonderful destination for tourists and locals alike, as anyone would be hard pressed to find a place anywhere in the world that offers the attractions that Stellenbosch does.