Springtime In The Winelands

Posted on Mon November 19, 2012.

Stay in a Stellenbosch Guest House and Experience Spring in the Winelands

Spring is just around the corner and without a doubt the place to be is the Cape Winelands. This region offers guests a unique taste of the season and allows them to experience the region’s coming alive after the cold winter months. The lifestyle of the Cape Winelands will offer you the time to fit every attraction and activity into your schedule and will leave you no choice but to unwind and take pleasure in your surroundings. Whether you’re attracted to the fresh air, the beautiful scenery or the feeling of spring in the air, the Winelands has something to offer you.

If you intend to stay in local accommodation, Stellenbosch will sweep you off your feet and show you the Cape Winelands in a new light. This is a town drenched in history and culture; not only is it incredibly beautiful but it is interesting and offers guests the opportunity to lose themselves in its heritage. Stellenbosch is most famous, however for the wines that its local wine farms produce and its beautiful vineyards.

The best way to enjoy an area is to spend a couple of days staying in local Stellenbosch accommodation. If you intend to explore Stellenbosch, guest house accommodation will leave you free to enjoy the town’s historical and natural attractions, whilst enjoying the arrival of summer leaves and Spring blossoms. The winelands is famous for its beautiful surroundings and laid back lifestyle.

Shake the winter blues away by enjoying breakfast on the veranda before heading out for a fresh morning stroll in Stellenbosch. Guest houses in “Stellies” are known for their quality service and quaint lodgings, as well as for offering their guests luxurious accommodation that allows them to relax and be pampered. We look forward to spring for its fresh mornings and strolls in gardens where flowers are blooming and birds are building new nests.

The Cape Winelands come alive during this season, getting rid of all winter blues and offering incredible getaways which allow us to feel the warm sunshine and clear skies after the winter months. Visitors during this period can participate in spring activities, such as berry and fruit picking, stomping on grapes, and can go on hiking trails whilst the sun is warm but not too hot.

Many Stellenbosch guest houses offer spring specials as the seasons change, and prepare their facilities for holiday makers in search of luxury and sunshine. Restaurants adjust their menus with lighter meals and wines, offering specials so that locals and visitors can try out their new dishes. During spring, the town of Stellenbosch in the Cape Winelands comes alive and welcomes guests from all over to experience its beauty and friendly atmosphere.

This is the place to be to celebrate the coming of a long summer and to unwind away from the stresses of the working world. Stellenbosch guest houses offer their guests luxurious stays in this stunning town, allowing them to kick back and enjoy the simple and beautiful things in life.