The Cape Winelands

Posted on Mon November 19, 2012.

The Cape Winelands is famous for being one of the most beautiful and scenic regions of South Africa; offering thousands of guests relaxing and luxurious getaways every year. The endless valleys of the Wine Route are made up of vibrant vineyards, quaint Dutch homesteads and beautiful orchards; making the Cape Winelands the ideal place for one to unwind and relax away from the noises and invasive sights of the city.
Stellenbosch accommodation is idyllically situated along the wine route and is known for the luxury and indulgences that they offer guests. When staying in Stellenbosch accommodation you’ll undoubtedly experience the full beauty and extravagance of the wine route.

The Wine Route, found in the Cape Winelands, is made up of the oldest vineyards and wineries in South Africa. It is comprised of 300 wineries and is divided into sub routes, allowing guests to take their time exploring each vineyard and cellar. The wine route was established in 1971 by the late Neil Joubert from Spier, Frans Malan from Simonsig and Spatz Sperling of Delheim, and has since become a popular attraction amongst locals and tourists alike. The route comprises of 44 cellars which offer guests a variety of red and white wine. Whilst visiting the wine route, guests can talk with wine masters, vineyard owners, and even dine at the vineyards restaurant whilst enjoying wines from their cellar.

The town of Stellenbosch is at the centre of the wine route and is home to gorgeous oak trees, historical monuments, and beautifully preserved Victorian and Georgian architecture. It is best known by many South Africans as being a university town as Stellenbosch University is ranked as one of the top ten universities in South Africa. The vibrancy and youth of the university students teamed with the heritage and tradition of Stellenbosch make this town an interesting and exciting place to visit.

Although Stellenbosch is a university town and is home to thousands of energetic students, Stellenbosch accommodation is amongst the most peaceful and tranquil in South Africa. The wine route is easy to navigate and whether you to choose to stay in Stellenbosch accommodation that is located in the town or amongst the vineyards, you’ll have a rejuvenating experience in the surrounding beauty. There are many award-winning restaurants to dine at, museums to stroll through and art galleries to inspire you, as well as many quaint boutiques, cafes and shops. By staying in Stellenbosch accommodation that is located within the town of Stellenbosch, you’ll be able to enjoy the luxuriously simple and indulgent lifestyle of the beautiful wine making capital of South Africa.

Stellenbosch accommodation on the outskirts of town offers guests the rejuvenating and refreshing holidays they’ve needed for so long. By staying in quaint, century-old farmhouses, guests can achieve a sense of bliss and serenity. The laid back lifestyle of the Cape Winelands, aided by summer weather and beautiful surroundings allows guests to be spontaneous with their time and energy. Whether they choose to visit the surrounding vineyards, orchards, and cellars, or opt to go for an energetic hike, relax in a spa, or type emails to their friends whilst sitting at a local cafe, guests can be sure to have the holiday they’ve been so badly craving.

The Cape wine route is one of the most cherished and loved parts of South Africa as it offers breath-taking views and an inspiring lifestyle. Far away from the stresses of city life and busy routines, the Cape Winelands offer guests the chance to unwind amongst the background of vibrant winelands and majestic mountains.