Wine farms to visit in Stellenbosch

Posted on Tue December 18, 2012.

The picturesque town of Stellenbosch is the second oldest town in South Africa. It’s been called ‘Eikestad’ or ‘The City of Oaks’, because of the many oak trees which line the streets. The town is also filled with some of the best examples of Cape Dutch, Georgian and Victorian architecture in the Cape. Accommodation in Stellenbosch is a special treat as you rest your head each night in history. It is known across South Africa as being a popular Student town where the young minds of the country come together to build their future and enjoy their student years.

Stellenbosch is also widely known for being a town with exceptional wine farms. These farms offer an exceptional experience. South African wines are known to be of the highest quality and many of those wines are produced in this town. You can expect three things from any one of these farms: good food, a gorgeous atmosphere and excellent wine.

Here are some of the wine farms to visit when you find yourself in Stellenbosch:

Asara Wine Estate – situated just outside of Stellenbosch, Asara Wine Estate is surrounded by the gorgeous Stellenbosch mountains and receives a cool breeze from the ocean. It enjoys some of the best soil found in the winelands of South Africa and a great climate for growing fine wines. The wine estate has won plenty of international and local awards for its magnificent wines and with the loyal following this wine has, it comes as no surprise. Asara also has two gourmet restaurants, a cigar and whiskey lounge, a deli and confectionary and a high end kitchen showroom.

Rust en Vrede – this is the first family-owned wine estate of the town and surrounds and they specialise in the production of quality red wine only. Which makes this the place to go during winter if you love red wine. Rust en Vrede has been producing quality red wines since 1979 and houses the first ever underground cellar in the country. Rich in history, this wine estate promises a truly memorable experience with friends or family.

Stellenbosch is an enchanting town which will leave you rested and content. A visit to Stellenbosch ensures a quality experience with great South African cuisine and amazing wine! Accommodation in Stellenbosch is of the highest quality and will surely leave you never wanting to say farewell to this small town. There are many other activities to do in Stellenbosch and many attractions to visit. This town is sure to keep you busy for days and it is situated on the perfect spot that you can easily explore the rest of Cape Town.

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