Late Arrivals at the Guest House

Posted on Fri March 9, 2018.

Dear Guest,

Welcome to Bonne Esperance Guest House. We hope you enjoy your stay with us and that you have a wonderful time in Stellenbosch.

We trust that the security guard gave you all the necessary information.  Please find the following detailed information about your supremely comfortable and stylish guest room below:

The black booklet on the dresser is full of information about the property and Stellenbosch. You’ll find Annemien’s restaurant recommendation list, a breakdown of all our favourite wine farms and the mobile Spa Menu.

The remote for the air-conditioner is the white one. You’ll find in its holder against the wall or next to the bed. The optimal temperature is between 18 – 26 degrees.

Our televisions have a few satellite channels to choose from. The big remote is to switch the TV on and the smaller remote is to change the channel. If the television is not set, for some reason. Please try the following steps:

Make sure the television is set to HDMI by pressing the source button on the top left of the large remote. The decoders should be showing a green light. If not, please hold in the power button to reset the decoder.

The coffee, tea and freshly baked cookies are complementary.

Your mini-bar fridge will be stocked with wine, beer, juice, Coke and water.

The password for the WIFI is [email protected]#. Please enter the password, just as it’s written.

In the cupboard you’ll find a safe, with instructions on how to use it indicated in front. The hairdryer is in the drawer.