Family Fun in Stellenbosch

Our Top 5: Best Adventure Activities in Stellenbosch

Posted by Daniella on Fri February 9, 2024 in OUR TOP 5, Family Fun in Stellenbosch, and Nature Lover.

Stellenbosch is the place to be for all adventure lovers. Our town might be well-known for its food and wine, but don't underestimate our provision for fun. We want you to experience everything adventurous Stellenbosch has to offer - so here are our top 5 picks for fun and adventurous activities to do during your stay in Stellenbosch!

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Posted on Sat January 8, 2022 in Family Fun in Stellenbosch, Fitness Fanatic, and Nature Lover.

The Stellenbosch winelands does not only provide the perfect destination for wine connoisseurs, but also creates the perfect platform for adventure enthusiasts to cycle, climb and run. We have highlighted some adventure packed activities for you to do during your stay at Bonne Esperance Guest House.

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Stellenbosch Festive Season 2021

Posted on Fri November 26, 2021 in Family Fun in Stellenbosch and Foodie.

The Festive Season is around the corner and it’s almost time to sit back and wine down in the winelands.

A few of our restaurants and wineries will be pulling out all the stops to make this time of year as memorable as possible. Below are a few suggestions of what to do this Festive Season in Stellenbosch.

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Garden Week Stellenbosch

Posted on Wed September 22, 2021 in Family Fun in Stellenbosch, Art Fundi, and Nature Lover.

Nature’s splendour is a gift that cultivates perception and gratitude. That said, gardening is not a rational act, which is likely why it is easier to appreciate the works of others. As we move from winter to spring, we are celebrating all the gardens that are opened to the public – some for a restricted time only. We share a collection of must-see gardens that will reward the senses and deliver much-needed serenity to your soul.

Aspidistra and Bonne Esperance Open Garden

Situated around Bonne Esperance Guest house, an elegant Victorian Villa dating back to 1907, the Aspidistra and Bonne Esperance Garden is a sublime mixture of loose plantings and structured elegance.

The Garden is essentially English in style with a strong focus on heritage plants that includes a Magnolia tree, Pride of India and an buxus border intertwined with indigenous plants. It also boasts the oldest rose bush in Stellenbosch as confirmed by the granddaughter of the original owner, Mr Triblehorn. The garden features an impressive azalea hedge, and also includes many old-fashioned roses. Willie Schmidt, the Pasella garden guru, is the curator and he has planted and nurtured the garden with his characteristic flair.

Visitors can sit on the wrap around veranda and enjoy coffee and cake whilst overlooking the lovely garden. We invite you to be transported back into history with a visit to our heritage garden.

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The best places for chocoholics to visit in Stellenbosch

Posted by Annemien in Family Fun in Stellenbosch, Foodie, and Wine Connoisseur.

Richly dark, plain and smooth, studded with nuts, oozing from a fondant, steaming from a mug or poured over delicious, creamy gelato and in Stellenbosch...paired with wine. We adore chocolate in all its forms, and we completely get why the Aztecs, who were the first to discover it, believed it was a delicacy reserved for the gods. Fortunately, we mere mortals can now partake in the delectable taste sensation. But where can you go to experience the "Charlie in the Chocolate Factory" feeling? We are chock and block full of ideas.

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No wine, no problem!

Posted by Michelle on Wed June 30, 2021 in Family Fun in Stellenbosch and Nature Lover.

When we think of Stellenbosch, we think of wine, but this town has so much more to offer.
Here are a few of our favourite things to do in and around Stellenbosch.

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Take a drive...the four passes circular route.

Posted by Michelle on Sun January 10, 2021 in Family Fun in Stellenbosch, Wine Connoisseur, and Nature Lover.

A perfect combination. Experience the majestic beauty of the mountain passes of Helshoogte, Franschhoek, Viljoen’s and Sir Lowry’s coupled with the winelands of Stellenbosch and Franschhoek.

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Our Top 5: Gardens in Stellenbosch

Posted on Thu April 11, 2019 in OUR TOP 5, Family Fun in Stellenbosch, Art Fundi, and Nature Lover.

“Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale. - Lauren DeStefano”

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